Marketing Services and Job Roles

Marketing agencies offer a wide range of services. These services are used by the businesses, organisations and professionals for promoting, advertising and marketing their products and services. Both online and offline marketing services are available from such agencies. They connect their clients to the ad distribution networks. The agencies have trained media professionals and other resources to prepare marketing campaigns. There are many job portals that list interim marketing jobs.

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Radio, TV and Print Media Marketing 

These marketing options are quite expensive and suitable mainly for large companies with a large marketing budget. Some affordable advertising options in the form of classifieds are available in the print media. This advertising option can be used by small businesses and professionals. Radio ad spots are also available at affordable prices. TV commercials are very expensive and require a big marketing budget to prepare the advertising videos and book the ad spots. There are many marketing agencies that offer planning of a comprehensive marketing campaign that covers advertising through TV, radio, print media and websites.

Online Marketing

It is no longer a new field of marketing. There are various sub-categories in it now. Advertisers have various marketing options available in this category. Direct advertisements on websites are the most expensive online advertising options. Popular websites offer ad banner and other ad options. At the affordable side, the online marketing options include search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, pay per click and other marketing options. These options are used extensively by both small and large organisations for marketing their products and services. A big advantage of digital marketing options like pay per click is that advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad links. It improves efficiency of advertising campaign. Many aspects of online advertising can be tracked. This makes it easier to monitor the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign. Changes can be made based on this data. Future ad campaigns can be improved for more impact and effectiveness.

Different Types of Marketing Job Roles

Individuals applying for marketing jobs have a variety of job role options. They can choose any one of these options based on their qualification, job experience and personal preferences. The main marketing job roles include marketing manager, director of marketing, brand manager, marketing analyst, marketing coordinator, content writer, marketing intern, marketing assistant, marketing producer and others. Some of these jobs require specialisation in a particular field. For example, there is demand for trained online marketing professionals who know SEO, social media marketing, and all other online marketing and advertising options.